Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Smarty Uninstaller 2009 Pro [Include Keygen]

smarty uninstaller 2009 pro full
Smarty uninstaller full

Smarty Uninstaller is a uninstaller with intuitive and easy to use interface that allows you to manage and completely remove Windows® applications.

At most cases Windows applications are very complicated. They put a large number of traces on your system. Especially, such things as entries in Windows Registry, Program Files and Shortcuts. In general the problem lies in the Uninstaller (simply, an uninstaller is the opposite of an installer.

During the uninstall process, uninstaller removes all the components which were installed) that can't properly remove all traces in Windows. Also, some users simply don't use the Uninstaller. They just delete the application's program files from the hard drive. Other traces still stays untouched. Large amount of junk traces will make your PC much slower.
Smarty Uninstaller will help you to avoid all these problems and much more.

Feature of Smarty Uninstaller 2009 pro:
  • Smarty Uninstall - COMPLETELY removes applications from your PC (all files, shortcuts and registry entries)
  • Smarty Analyzer will deeply scan your computer for traces left by selected application.
  • Smarty UI - easy to use and modern user interface allows to comfortably work with Smarty Uninstaller!
  • Smarty uninstaller uses cache - this makes Smarty Uninstaller very fast and reliable. Much faster solution than regular Windows Add/Remove.
  • Smarty Protection feature - this feature will protect critical system components. You will not be able to delete system files accidentally or in any other way.
  • Smarty Startup - tool for managing Windows startup items with easy and intuitive user interface.
  • Smarty Secure Delete - will overwrite the found files with random characters to ensure that nobody will ever be able to recover these files from your disk.
  • Smarty Groups - allow you to organize applications list into logical groupings. This will make your work more flexible and organized.
  • Drag-Drop - uninstall applications using drag-drop and context menu! Just drop application's icon to the Smarty Uninstaller icon on the desktop. Or choose appropriate command in context menu (Right mouse click).
  • you can select more than one application at same time
  • Force uninstalling - this become very usefull for applications with broken uninstaller! Complete uninstall.
  • Automatically detects invalid installations and gives ways to fix.
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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Format error "Windows cannot format this Drive..."- Solution

Are you getting "Windows can't format this drive, Quit any disk utilities or other programs that are using this drive and try agian formating" error when you try to format your drive? This error will come even if you does not open or use any progarms or files on that drive.

Windows can't format this drive,          Quit any disk  utilities or other programs that are using this drive and          try agian formating

Reson for this error maybe any programs reading or writing data's in that drive or Maybe a virus programs can make this error.

If you sure format that drive you can do it by force formating. first make sure there is formating only gives solution for you? If yes open Run via start menu and type diskmgmt.msc on run dialog then hit enter, Now Diskmanagment untitlity will open. This app shows a detailed information of your harddrives on your computer.

Now Rightclick on the drive that you want to format, and select format..., It wll ask for volume dats such as label, filesystem, alocation size fill it. and hit enter now confirmation click ok. Now wait a moment untill it will ask you

"The volume roxer(X) logical drive currently in use. To force format of this volume click yes "

Force formating

Click yes and wait few second untill the busy cursor of Mouse hide, After it's hide your drive formated and clean. Go to my computer and check it.

You can do more with this inbuilt application on windows XP no need for other third party's application, Just give a look on the application (be carefull you may be delete your drive or other serious problems can cause)

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