RoxBird Download Manager

RoxBird is a Advanced and Graphical download manager written in Python and C
based GTK+ GUI.. It can accelerate your download speed upto 40% then normal.
This is my first personal project for Linux and also in PC softwares.

Screen short: (view more screen shorts)

RoxBird in action

Key features are:

■ Inbuilt filebrowser will help's you to browse and edit files
whithin one application.

■ Inbuilt Previewer (Not only used to preview media files before
download the hole file, and also It's a good(Basic) Audio/Video and Image

■ Accelerate download speed upto 40% then normal speed

■ Traffic defragment will increase download and browsing speed. (in
this version traffic defragment was named as KGO)

■ Multi downloading. (Multi threaded.)

■ Muti connection downloading (Downloading single file via many

■ Recursive downloading.

■ Perfect speed control on every download.

■ Various Speedmodes to control speed by globaly.

■ Download scheduling and Queues.

■ Command scheduling.

■ Perfect log to know what happend on download.

■ Perfect Error Control engine to keep your download.

■ Write Cache (Reduce HardDisk write operations by caching downloaded
data in memory. )

■ You can set BufferSize for the downloads.

■ Grouping downloads by file types.

■ DND support.

■ Download prograss will displayed in small semi-transparent

■ OSD and Audio notifications.

■ Importing links from other files.

■ ClipBoard Monitoring (You can customize filters)

■ Proxy and authorization support

■ Download Prograss window.

and more...