Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Dasavataram-10 m(e/a)n army!!

Hi to all my blog readers(if there are any)! I m well and truly back with a movie review again! This time i am here to discuss a few points on Kamal hassan's movie Dasavataram!! The movie is really good! I declare this here because ppl who have'nt watched the movie please dont read further!!

The movie kicks off with fantastic dialogues from the hero Govind addressing a crowd! He starts narration from 12th century where Kamalhassan excels as Rangaraja Nambi!! His body language, dialogue delivery and anger shown in his eyes are simply superb!! He is thrown into the sea with the idol of Lord Vishnu!!
Now in the 20th century at USA Govind a biomedical scientist is introduced! He manufactures a vial which a monkey eats and dies in pathetic way. Now the good-natured hero says he'd not be a part of this project anymore! His superior tries to convince him but in vain! So he sells the vial already manufactured gettin bribes( An Indian obviously!!!) from a terrorist and our hero finds it out!
This vial somehow goes to India and the chase for it begins! The X-CIA Fletcher is the villian and he chases Govind with help from Mallika sherawat! The vial is transferred to Chidambaram where our hero meets Andal(Asin)!! Her g'mom puts the vial into the idol of Lord vishnu and since Andal wants the idol she follows Govind! Intrestingly fletcher turns up everywhere! Does he rescue the vial or does it destroy a lot of ppl is the rest of the story!!
All other Kamal hassans help in the progress of the screenplay!

The High Points:

The first thing u'll notice in the movie is splendid body language and acting of our Universal Hero Kamal Hassan!! Simply superb! Next is the camera work! Ravivarman has done his best!
Computer graphics(CG) was excellent without which the Tsunami scene wud not ve been possible! CG has taken the film to great heights! I was dumb founded with kamal hassan's tamil and intelligent dialogues( especially the exchanges with asin)!! Though asin s charecter is not very important she is soooooooooooooooooo cute!!!
Kamal Hassan excels as a dialogue writer!The exchanges between Fletcher and the japanese and the poems that vincent poovaragan's friend say are fine examples!!Hats off!!
His screeen play keeps u guessing! He has done a lot of hard work in bringing all his 10 avatars in to the movie and i shoud say it has paid off!! I'd be doing injustice in my review if i don mention about the make up artist!! He is the back bone of this movie i should say! Especially the japanese charecter and Bush s charecter need special appreciation! Well done Mr.Michael Westmore! The music director Himesh and background scorer DSP have done creditable job!( AR Rahman is truly missed!!)
All this put together make up a good movie! And Dasavadaram lived upto my expectations! I dare say its one of the finest tamil films i ve seen in the recent past!


I heard many ppl sayin that the movie didn have a powerful storyline!! The answer for that is a big NO according to me! Ppl feel so because they had huge expectation! Many who came into the theatres were expecting the ten roles of Kamalhassan to make the storyline! May be they expected a reason for the existence 10 look alike ppl or something in that lines! But that was not the case! It was a story which was of a different genre in which Kamal Hassan has done 10 roles and none of them looked alike!! And he has done justice to all the ten roles! He is truly Ulaga Nayagan( One of the dialougues which says he is ulaga nayagan is the only place where i find K.S ravikumar's touch!!)...

What is the connection between 12th century episode and Tsunami?
There is a connection:
Butterfly effect – A small event like a butterfly flapping its wing is responsible for a tornado in some other part of the world.
Because the statue was thrown into the sea, it resulted in movement of tectonic plates and caused tsunami.

One doubt that i have is why select this story for playing 10 roles??Evn a movie like Panchathanthiram(same actor-director duo) could hav had Kamalji doing 5 roles! This is the reason why the movie has mixed reactions!!
But wat more do u want?? A gripping storyline, no non-sense screenplay and Fantastic acting from a maestro( leave alone few compromises)!! For me the movie simply rocked!!!


Kamal hassan as:
1) Actor -10/10
2) Dialogue writer - 9/10
3) Screenplay writer -8/10

Kamalhassan may not have done much for his role as Avtar Singh( in the movie) but he is truly the AVTAR KING!! Hats off to the Genius!!


  1. good review da.. i agree with most of your views. Christian Fletcher, Rangarajan Nambi, Nakha Hirashi, Vincent Poovaragan, Avtar Singh, Krishnaveni Patti and George Bush were the characters that inspired me the most in that order. Asin as Kothai was apt but her portrayal as Andal was little overdone. Even for an Agraharam girl, her dialogues and behaviour was a bit too much and she was bit too irritating and hampering the screenplay.

    Welcome back to blogging da.
    A suggestion: next time you do a review, do it for an offbeat film like Evano Oruvan. I liked that film and also your review on it. It s a pity that i couldn't comment then. Films like Dasavatharam inspires many reviews and yours may not get noticed in the sea. keep blogging..

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