Sunday, May 17, 2009

Avoid virus spreading through USB drive☺

☺Avoid virus spreading through USB drive

• Virus & worms are easily spread by carrying it on a removable medium
such as ,USB drive , I-Pod, CD, Floppy
• USB drive is otherwise called as “Flash Drive”,”Thumb Drive” ,”Memory
stick” ,”External USB Hard Disk”.
• Even though we have very good Antivirus , New Viruses are one step
Ahead than Antivirus
• We cannot restrict USB Drive , but we can avoid spreading of virus &
worms through USB Drive.
• So we have to be little bit careful while working with USB Drive,some
precautionary steps are follows
How to avoid ???
• Don’t allow the USB Drive to Auto Play after plug in, cancel it.

• Go to My computer

• Devices with Removable storage

• Do not Double click the USB Drive

• Note the drive letter assigned to USB Drive as mentioned in the Fig

• Here E:

• Go to Start =>  Run => Type E:

Now you can view the Contents of your USB Drive

• Copy the necessary files

• Repeat the Process while using USB Drive

• Now your Laptop is free from viruses & worms.

It is a time consuming process, but no other way to avoid the virus.


  • After inserted USB drive
  • Enable Hidden files & folders

This screen shot shows the USB drive
which is affected with virus

After Enabled the hidden files you can view the virus in the USB drive

There is a autorun.inf and script EXE file try to delete dont OPen it!!!!!!!!!

Take care...

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