Thursday, November 12, 2009

Portable Aqua Real 3D v4.1.100.1332

Portable Aqua Real 3D v4.1.100.1332 screen short

What you?re about to open is not merely a computer program. The window you open extends from your desktop to an open ocean with no end. Presented to you is not simply arrays of illuminating bright dots, but rather, you would see Palette surgeonfish and Pennant coral fish staring back at you fearlessly under your curious gaze. Groups of fish swimming and chasing one another, as if they are flowing silk scarves in the ocean current. Sunshine penetrates through the ocean and onto the blue coral reefs, painting a misty glamorous scene. Feel free to tickle every fish, feed them well so that they do not get hungry, or you can call upon sharks to play some harmless virtual pranks. You may also pick a few pieces of lovely music for your play list and let Aqua Real lull you into a sense of carefree existence.

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