Wednesday, November 11, 2009

RoxerDownloadManager [rdm]v0.9-1alpha for Linux


RoxerDownlaod Manager

RoxerDownloadManager is a power full download manager for linux systems.
based on python.Currently rdm-alpha version with basic features like mapGUI,Download categorisation ,connection UnBreakable pausing ,saperate
moniters like window's IDM. (each downloading have its won window.), TrayIcon,
auto starting etc... Special feature of RDM is mmulticonnection downloading.that is RDM download a single file via more than one connection, So your downloading is really faster than other download managers. RDM based on Python,and GUI based on wxPython.   

Just give a try on RDM and say your feedback.    

Please Read Technical details here to get best performance on RDM .

Download RDM9.0-1 alpha

If you need source file for RDM, please contact me.


Click to see Large ScreenShort


Just give a try on RDM and say your feedback.

Don't forget to give a feedback.


Creative Commons License 

RoxerDownloadManager[RDM] by Baskar is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 India License.

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