Saturday, June 6, 2009

KidZui- Browser for Kids on the Internet

KidZui is quite a novel spin on an old concept. It is basically a browser that advises rather than restricts your kid's movements. Full-scale and much more mature products such as Net Nanny, Safe Eyes and the like give complete control over what is run in the PC, subject to parent-imposed restrictions. However, KidZui isn't aiming at that kind of child security but rather plays a supportive, guiding role as a kid-friendly browser.

No it isn't yet another browser thankfully (new browsers always have compatibility as well as security issues), but rather a plugin/extension for respective browsers like Firefox and/or Internet Explorer depending on what you choose. Surprisingly while still acting like a plugin, KidZui takes over not only the browser and its look but also restricts access to the entire computer
. This is typically to avoid tech savvy children from switching between browsers or closing KidZui
First off you need to download KidZui from Depending on the browser you use to visit it, you are given an option to download it. I chose firefox KidZui extension.
After installation you need to create a Zui account for your child. This is a fun process where you can choose the gender, skin tone, hair, clothing, etc. Your child will need to enter a unique screen name and password. My Zui called 'Zulk' looks like an illegitimate offspring of The Hulk!

Final approval of a new Zui occurs only when the parent responds to the activation e-mail.

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  1. Hope that this browser filters sites with negative content. Kinda like Parental Control Software.