Saturday, June 6, 2009

Use Pen drive as a ram in windows vista think Vista

Are you tired of Windows Vista’s slow performance?

Well now there is remedy of your performance problems if you are running Windows Vista. Vista provides a great feature called Ready boost. With this feature, you can utilize your pen drive or a memory card as RAM. Thus you can increase the RAM allowing the operating system more space of cache and fast access memory.

With this feature, it increases the additional memory in your computer system to improve the performance of your personal computer. Some times many users are worried that they have a limited expansion slot in their mother board (especially if you have a laptop) and they cannot increase memory. Also, replacing the existing RAM could be more costly option. For laptop users it is not so easy also.

To use your pen drive as additional RAM, follow the below steps:

USB pen drives and SD memory cards can serve as additional cache to fetch data more quickly from HDD. Windows vista has this great capability of intelligent memory management known as “Windows Super fetch”.

Firstly windows will check the capability of the device (flash drive). If it is capable then they the system will show this additional option.

Steps to enable Ready boost option:-
  • When you plug the USB device in the USB port, it will show the message “speed up my system” using windows ready boost. Shown in fig-1.

  • If you select the ready boost option which is shown in the above fig-1. Then, in the Removable disk properties it will show ready boost option as shown in fig2.

  • Choose the option “use this device” and increase the limit of “space to serve for your system speed” option. The reservation of memory is depending on the capacity of pen drive (flash drive) as shown in fig 3.

  • Suppose you have to increase the memory according to your need then another file, the size of which is more than the reserved space will not be copied on that drive. Ready boost option reserves the space according to your choice. Shown in fig 4.

  • If you do not select the option initially when the the pen drive was plugged-in the usb port then the system shows the default option which is shown in fig1. If you want to ready boost now, then you have to select pen drive , right click on the icon and then follow the above step to enable ready boost option.

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