Thursday, June 4, 2009

Web 3.0

The new version gave information at your fingertips.The second one allowed you to interact with the information.It's tome for the third phase-an intelligent web.
The World Wide Web has entered into its next phase called Web 3.0. The term semantic web bringing in a new paradigm called Web 3.0 . The term semantic web was coined by Tim burners-Lee the man who invented the World Wide Web. In a semantic web, machines can read and interpret web pages just like humans. Today we can link one web page to another but we can't link their data together.As a result, we browse through the links and then look for the right data within those links.
They don't give you the answer to your specific query i.e they don't give up the data, just the links. The Semantic web goes beyond the words and into natural processing.
So the semantic web refers to the technology of precise vocabularies. Through such kind of natural processing has been in progress for years, It's only recently that it started to take off. Some start up like Powerset, Textdigger and Hakia are working on semantic search engines.
A semantic web does not necessarily include artificial intelligence. In stead it relies on structured set of information and inference rules that allow it to understand the relationship between data sources. Another significant aspect of the semantic web is that multiple sites may contribute data about a particular resource..

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