Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cannot Access Google sites from Ubuntu/Linux [Solution]

Ubuntu has a fantastic community engines which will give more speed than windows winsock*.   But there was a problem with some servers, if you have a routed connection from your ISP (like dsl,3g,wireless,).  These servers will block requests from Ubuntu/Linux machine, So your browser does not load a web-page and keep displaying 'sending request to'  on status bar.
This happens mainly with routed connection. So we should By-pass the  routes then only we can solve this problem.

How to Bypass Routes on Ubuntu:

to ignore automatically obtained routes on Ubuntu you need to edit the network connection setting, To do,

you can access 'Network Connections' by System=> Preference's=> Network Connections

or directly Right-clicking and select Edit Connections in network icon on system tray.

Now it will open Network Connections, Now navigate tab which connection type you are using and click Edit.

Cannot Access Google sites from Ubuntu/Linux [Solution]-Nework Connection settings

It will open new window named 'Editing your Connection name'. In that window go to   IPv4 Settings.
Editing connection

Select method type to Automati (ppp) address only and then enter your DNS server addresses. I have entered open DNS servers,  .  and then click 'Routes' button

Cannot Access Google sites from Ubuntu/Linux [Solution]-routes

Then click ignore automatically obtained routes.  and click ok on all windows to save this new setting.

Thats it!    :)

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