Monday, September 7, 2009

Hacker HighSchool security awareness [13 lessons]

13 lessons /ebooks in one Zip @ 3MB
This Ebook is designed to encourage you to be well-rounded and resourceful. The core instruction theme is to harness the hacker curiosity in you and to guide you progressively through your hacker education to help you grow into a responsible role, capable of determining security and privacy problems and making proper security decisions for yourself.

All works in the Hacker Highschool project are provided for non-commercial use with
elementary school students, junior high school students, and high school students whether in a
public institution, private institution, or a part of home-schooling. These materials may not be
reproduced for sale in any form. The provision of any class, course, training, or camp with
these materials for which a fee is charged is expressly forbidden without a license including
college classes, university classes, trade-school classes, summer or computer camps, and
similar. To purchase a license, visit the LICENSE section of the Hacker Highschool web page at

Download Info:
Type: Ebooks (pdf) in Zip
Download size: 3.8Mb
Password: softwareroxer
hacker highschool ebook download

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