Monday, July 6, 2009

6* Professional Ways to Protect Computer From VIRUS

A computer virus is like any program. However, the goal of every computer virus is to destroy files or computer systems by spreading itself in such a fast phase to unsuspecting computer users

We can Protect our Computer form Virus :

In order to protect your computers from these damaging and disabling viruses, we must be vigilant and employ all possible defenses against them. So let antivirus program be your first line of defense against the paralyzing effects of computer viruses.
  • Be sure to install anti-virus program from a reputable source. It is rather important to update and use the anti-virus program regularly. Everyday, new viruses come out so if you have an outdated antivirus program, it will not provide you with the much-needed protection your computer may require. Don’t use free antivirus programs becoz they’ll not gives you to full projection against virus even you update regularly.

  • Many viruses work by attaching themselves to a drive and automatically installing themselves on any other media connected to the system. As a result, connecting any network drives, external hard disks, or even thumb drives to a system can result in the automatic propagation of such threats. So Disable autorun for usb drives using Windows PowerToy TweakingUI .

  • Many business-class anti-malware applications include browser plug-ins that help protect against drive-by infections, phishing attacks (in which pages purport to serve one function when in fact they try to steal personal, financial, or other sensitive information), and similar exploits. Still others provide “link protection,” in which Web links are checked against databases of known-bad pages.

  • When chatting beware on sharing files and photos even virus can spread through this.

  • Always scan all archive files before extracting from the archive. Because some archives become a UnPackBoom, when extracting files form this archive it can be automatically execute and spread virus to your system.

  • Some virus’s are attacking from your well known program like windows NOtePad like this system applications eg: virus vitro . So Use antivirus advanced file projection it’s ask when some particular ext files to be write,delete or something like this so you can protect from virus manually.. (like avast)

  • Don’t backup your software’s setup files in “.Exe” or “.Msi” like that. Because this files can be attacked by viruses in your system then it’s (virus) also to be backup by you. So move your each software setups to a archive.(Use .rar archive to be perfect )

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