Thursday, July 9, 2009

Google Chrome Tips and Tricks

Here is the some tips and tricks i have about Google Chrome
  • You can reopen the recently closed tab by pressing “Ctrl+Shift+T”. Alternatively you can check the “Recently closed tabs” section when you are opening a new tab.
  • You can easily search for keywords by pressing either Ctrl+K or Ctrl+E. You can also do this even simpler by typing “?keyword”.
  • You can also use other search engine if you are not interested in Google. You can do this by right clicking on the Omnibar(Address bar) and choose “Edit search engine“. But I personally prefer Google.
  • You can easily drag a window anywhere you like. You can create a new window from your browser tab and you can also add it back to the original window.
  • There are many about pages in Google Chrome. You can type about:memory in the address bar and you will get a report showing browsers running in your machine. It will also display the Details of memory usage by different Google Chrome’s processes. There are many other about pages like about:stats, about:version, about:network, about:dns, about:crash, about:histograms, about:cache, about:plugins, about:hang etc.
  • You can easily resize the text area by dragging it on the lower right corner. So if you need to write a BIG comment in a Blog you can easily extend the text area.
  • If you are looking to browse in private mode then you can try the “Incognito Mode”. You can enter the Incognito Mode by keying Ctrl+Shift+N. You can also right click a link and say “Open link in incognito window.”
  • You can directly drag and drop a downloaded file directly from Google Chrome on to the desktop or a particular folder.
  • You can Monitor the resources used by a web page just by right click inside the page and selecting “Inspect element”. You can also switch to “Resources” tab to view the objects load time.
  • If you type about:internets it will show a series of tubes taken from the tubes screensaver. It works with Windows XP.
if you have any other tips please drop your comments.

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