Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Restart Windows Via Remote Desktop

Are you a Remote Desktop Protocol user?did you ever notice that the Start, Shutdown options aren't there?. Instead you may notice an option to "disconnect," in effect saving your session for the next time you login, or log off option
So what do you do if you actually want to restart the remote machine?
so here is my tip To shut down a remote computer when you are using Remote Desktop, press CTRL+ALT+END, and then click Shutdown. Or, use the shutdown command at a command prompt and then choose the Restart option you're used to seeing on a local Windows session.

Since Ctrl+Alt+End some times fail...!
at this instance you may do this
Click “Start”
Click “Run”
Type “shutdown /i” and click Open
Use as the Computer and select restart.

Works on XP also.

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