Thursday, July 2, 2009

Airtel Free GPRS Working Trick

Now we see how to get free internet connection (also downloading) using your GPRS mobile to PC.
First of all you need a mobile that have a Dialup Modem feature enabled. (and airtel sim)
Step 1: Actviate MobileOffice (in tamilnadu). (i think now 50kb/30piasa)

Step 2: Go to Your-Freedom website and register a free account on yourfreedom.

Step 3: Download "Your Freedom Client" for your PC. You need to have an account to download so first register a account.
Note : You need java to work this application so confirm you have java installed system

Step 4: Connect your mobile to Pc using DataCable or Bluetooth (I use bluetooth to connect my N70)

Step 5: Then connect mobile modem to Pc using Access Point ""
If your using bluetooth pair both PC and Mobile Bluetooth devices. Then start Bluetooth Dialup Networking service in Bluetooth software (I am using Blue_soleil)
Else if your using Datacable Sart DialupNetworking through your mobile PC suite

Step 6: Open "YourFreeDom" applicaion.On opening the application for first time the configuration wizard will come ..just hit cancel. Then click "Configure" on that window This will open a new window,see the screenshort

Airtel free gprsOn that new window Click Wizard this will open a new window that will search for a freedom server nearest you,This will take a few minitues.
After search complete wizard will list down servers, select one of it then click "Next" and then click "Account Information" tab. On that tab type YourFreeDom username and Password. Then "click save and exit"
Now click "StartConnection" then click "Messages" tab this will show messages like this

client version 20090513
Server version 20090122
starting Ports

Now you ready to go just set your all internet application to use Proxy "" Port "8080"
Feel Free to leave comments and ask questions...
Thank you.........


  1. can you tell any resource to download java 6 for free
    thanks in advanced

  2. here you can download java6